Discover the new THERMO-TREATED collection!


Through a completely natural process, the essences of Unikolegno acquire an intriguing warmer and darker colour, without resorting to varnishes and chemical additives.

A new wood species and 5 new shades have been added to the varied Unikolegno offer!

Thermo Oak is now also available in the 175° grade with the following finishes: varnished EVO and varnished/oiled Natura. But the absolute novelty is the European Olive Ash, Rustic, Thermo 175°, available in the oiled Velato Bianco, varnished EVO and Natura oiled/varnished versions.

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Eight are the new product lines we added to our 2022 offer. New finishes that allow us, as every year since the very beginning,  to put at your disposal an increasingly wide and diversified range of processes and colors, able to meet every aesthetic and functional need.

Nature has always been our main source of inspiration. Even this novelties therefore refer, starting from the same nomenclature of finishing/coloring, to the natural elements and the environment that surrounds us.

The products of the lines: TINTI, OLIATI, CITY, METROPOLITAN and EIGHTCOLOR, give birth to a rich range of colors, spacing from snow white to anthracite black. A more raw and natural effect prevails instead in the EVO, E-MATT and LARICE NODATO collections.




New processes and colours complete the Unikolegno range for 2022, guaranteeing even greater freedom of choice. This means everyone can find the pa quet flooring they like best and make what they want a reality. Among these, the new EVO finish and the new TINTO CUOIO along with many other new proposals of varnished colors.

NEW COLOUR RANGE for varnishes
New colours complete the ranges of Rovere Commerciale, Rustico and Foresta Unikolegno. Natural colours and subtle nuances are available for the varnishes or in combination with a light “decapé” effect. 

A special process preserves the authentic and original appearance of freshly cut wood, and gives the floor an extremely natural fresh look and feel.

Rovere Materico


Antique solid wood is pure emotion and textured wood is the main feature of this sensational new collection by Unikolegno.

Sun, wind and rain have created oak boards with a unique aura, to create extraordinarily beautiful wood flooring.
Outstanding textured surfaces, worked by the expert hands of our craftsmen help to make every floorboard unique. Contrasting putty applied to the cracks creates amazing texture.

Small grooves and irregular finishes bring the fascination of antique and raw floorboards produced manually by master woodworkers.



An exclusive complex of luxury homes on the island of Crete: Mirum Villas Elounda is a Mediterranean idyll offering style and relaxation.

Tranquillity and comfort are ensured for the guests of this outstanding former fishing village, thanks to the fabulous scenario in which the villas are set, and the Unikolegno wood flooring, which, produced with the planet’s most ecological material by means of natural, certified processes, adds to the sensation of wellbeing and harmony.

270m2 of wood flooring have been used for this project, from the TYPE Collection with UV OIL TRAFALGAR and UV OIL SOHO finishes.  These finishes give floors a special glow, creating a refined, attractive and elegant style without hiding the beauty and naturalness of solid wood, but protecting it from the wear and tear of time.

Large picture windows let natural light stream in, enhancing the Unikolegno wood flooring even more and highlighting the grain and characteristics, pampering guests in their living rooms and emanating soft sweetness and warmth to the rooms.


Project manager: Sergey Denidov

Designer / Architect: GIALILEO, Lilit Vardazaryan and Leonidas Giannadakis, that we want to thank for the creativity and professional skill that they passionately spent in this project.


Our new production facilities


It’s official, Unikolegno now has a new home: a larger, more functional building that will fully meet our renewed production needs.

With this new factory the company will be able to guarantee the entire production in line and increase its production capacity.  Every stage in the manufacture of our wood flooring will therefore be under our full control, from receiving raw materials to the final finishing operations.

In addition, these new production facilities, which develop over a covered area of 10,000m2, will permit Unikolegno to set up an automated production system.

New systems included in the new facilities are:

  • An area for new, extremely reliable technological machinery to be used in the production of floorboards.
  • A warehouse that can hold up to 80,000m2 of semi-finished products with which to satisfy demand promptly, with annual production capacity of 300,000m2 of flooring.
  • An area dedicated to wood drying carried out with traditional, air and vacuum dryers controlled by computer.

The company has also included a large showroom in its new building.  Here products will be attractively displayed and new ones presented, and there will be areas at the disposal of architects/customers, which can also be used for training courses or the organisation of guided tours.

Thanks to these commitments and the production technologies installed in the new building, Unikolegno has been able to embark on a stringent project that encompasses important Italian and international certification, by means of which the company will become even more highly qualified and grow due to its sustainable production methods and top quality products.



At this very difficult, delicate time when we need to feel protected in our own homes, Unikolegno will take care of you and your floors.
As from today, our special sanitising varnish will be provided free of charge on all new orders.

Natural and water-based, in just 24 hours our sanitising finish eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, maintaining a constant salubrious state of hygiene in the home and making life with our family and pets a reassuring experience.



In recent years we have faithfully followed the path of certification so that we can achieve the main Italian and international standards of quality.
Our wood flooring has passed the decisive test and achieved CFL-S1 certification: the highest class of reaction to fire that wood flooring can aspire to when special varnishes to make it ‘FIREPROOF’ are not used. It has also received Eurofins certification, which attests that it is manufactured observing the strictest limits for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, extremely low in our products. In addition, where our wood flooring is installed you are sure to breathe healthier air, in compliance with the strictest regulations in the world regarding formaldehyde emissions. Indeed our wood flooring not only has European E1 classification: it is certified to Japanese JIS A 1460 Standards, included in the broader JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards).
We guarantee zero formaldehyde emissions, as demonstrated by our achievement of class F**** (four stars).

We are proud to produce top quality wood flooring, 100% made in Italy with certification that ensures protection of the environment and our consumers’ health.

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Thank you for visiting us at Domotex 2018

We were happy to host you at our stand in Hannover.
We love experimenting the infinite potential of wood to anticipate trends in the parquet world. Our priority is to offer you floors with solutions that meet every need, certain of the quality of our materials and their finishing, entrusted exclusively to Italian artisans. Our best guarantee is the 100% Made in Italy certification, synonymous of perfectionism and craftsmanship for detail.

The magic of Made in Italy enchants Russia at I Saloni WorldWide Moscow

The magic of Made in Italy enchants Russia at I Saloni WorldWide Moscow, the most important event of Eastern Europe dedicated to high quality furnishings and complements. Unikolegno and SCIC have created an exhibition of great impact, where wood floor and boiserie were the perfect setting to present the kitchens and the furniture of one of the most important brand of Italian design. Inside the booth, Unikolegno laid the parquet of the Large collection, creating a beautiful floor with long and wide planks. The exclusive glossy shade of brushed oak was a custom choice, especially appreciated by the Russian market. The Boiserie, made with a Type American Walnut varnished “Uragano”, has been prepared by composing boards of two different widths to create an elegant and dynamic effect. Finally, there was great interest in “Le Quadrotte” collection, in which Unikolegno’s craftsmen have created sophisticated decorations, combining wood with precious materials.

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