We want to take care of you now,
with our innovative SANITISING VARNISH!

Nowadays, when staying at home in harmony has become a priority, Unikolegno has come up with an innovative sanitising varnish that maintains 
a constant healthy state of hygiene in the home, making life with our family and pets a reassuring experience.

Before the advent of modern antibiotics, silver was used as an antibacterial remedy. We have applied this same principle to our sanitising varnish, which is water-based and enriched
with silver ions

This special additive is applied to wood flooring at the varnishing stage, creating a natural, transparent barrier against germs and microbes. It eliminates the bacterial load in 24 hours and prevents its reproduction (as shown by Catas laboratory tests to
JIS Z 2801:2006 Standards).

Treatment with this varnish is particularly suitable on flooring in rooms that require thorough cleanliness and hygiene, such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, but even more so in public places such as doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, schools and nurseries, restaurants and beauty centres.

As the varnish is water-based and transparent, this special finish does not create risks for human health and does not alter the aesthetics and natural appearance of wood flooring.

It is permanently effective until the flooring is sanded again, and normal cleaning operations do not compromise the sanitising effect.

Water-based and eco-friendly, our sanitising varnish is a product in line with our choice of moving towards a more sustainable,
certified future!