For an even more sustainable, certified future

In recent years we have faithfully followed the path of certification so that we can achieve the main Italian and international standards of quality.
Our wood flooring has passed the decisive test and achieved CFL-S1 certification: the highest class of reaction to fire that wood flooring can aspire to when special varnishes to make it ‘FIREPROOF’ are not used. It has also received Eurofins certification, which attests that it is manufactured observing the strictest limits for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, extremely low in our products. In addition, where our wood flooring is installed you are sure to breathe healthier air, in compliance with the strictest regulations in the world regarding formaldehyde emissions. Indeed our wood flooring not only has European E1 classification: it is certified to Japanese JIS A 1460 Standards, included in the broader JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards).
We guarantee zero formaldehyde emissions, as demonstrated by our achievement of class F**** (four stars).

We are proud to produce top quality wood flooring, 100% made in Italy with certification that ensures protection of the environment and our consumers’ health.

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