Our new production facilities

It’s official, Unikolegno now has a new home: a larger, more functional building that will fully meet our renewed production needs.

With this new factory the company will be able to guarantee the entire production in line and increase its production capacity. Every stage in the manufacture of our wood flooring will therefore be under our full control, from receiving raw materials to the final finishing operations.

In addition, these new production facilities, which develop over a covered area of 10,000 sqm, will permit Unikolegno to set up an automated production system.

New systems included in the new facilities are:
– An area for new, extremely reliable technological machinery to be used in the production of floorboards.
– A warehouse that can hold up to 80,000 sqm of semi-finished products with which to satisfy demand promptly, with annual production capacity of 300,000 sqm of flooring.
An area dedicated to wood drying carried out with traditional, air and vacuum dryers controlled by computer.

The company has also included a large showroom in its new building. Here products will be attractively displayed and new ones presented, and there will be areas at the disposal of architects/customers, which can also be used for training courses or the organisation of guided tours.

Thanks to these commitments and the production technologies installed in the new building, Unikolegno has been able to embark on a stringent project that encompasses important Italian and international certification, by means of which the company will become even more highly qualified and grow due to its sustainable production methods and top quality products.