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Warm and completely natural colour gradations.

Completely natural colors of the parquet are obtained by Unikolegno through the exclusive thermo-treatment process: the heat changes the shades of the wood without using additives or paints. In fact, by heating the boards at high temperatures (at 130°, 157°, or 175°) wood assumes a beautiful and natural color more or less dark, depending on the temperature of “roasting” to which it has been subjected. The higher the temperature of the technical process, the darker the color tone will be assumed. The coloring involves all the thickness of the wood, in depth. During this process different physical and chemical properties of wood change permanently and, when performed excellently, the result of this technique is a matter in which durability and stability are greatly increased. Since there are no color differences between the different layers of the parquet, in case of scratches, the rifling will be noticed less. In addition, thermo-treated wood is more resistant to water and moisture.