Thank you for visiting us at Domotex 2018

We were happy to host you at our stand in Hannover.
We love experimenting the infinite potential of wood to anticipate trends in the parquet world. Our priority is to offer you floors with solutions that meet every need, certain of the quality of our materials and their finishing, entrusted exclusively to Italian artisans. Our best guarantee is the 100% Made in Italy certification, synonymous of perfectionism and craftsmanship for detail.

The magic of Made in Italy enchants Russia at I Saloni WorldWide Moscow

The magic of Made in Italy enchants Russia at I Saloni WorldWide Moscow, the most important event of Eastern Europe dedicated to high quality furnishings and complements. Unikolegno and SCIC have created an exhibition of great impact, where wood floor and boiserie were the perfect setting to present the kitchens and the furniture of one of the most important brand of Italian design. Inside the booth, Unikolegno laid the parquet of the Large collection, creating a beautiful floor with long and wide planks. The exclusive glossy shade of brushed oak was a custom choice, especially appreciated by the Russian market. The Boiserie, made with a Type American Walnut varnished “Uragano”, has been prepared by composing boards of two different widths to create an elegant and dynamic effect. Finally, there was great interest in “Le Quadrotte” collection, in which Unikolegno’s craftsmen have created sophisticated decorations, combining wood with precious materials.

Unikolegno conquers Cersaie 2016

It has been a success in Cersaie 2016, with over 106,000 partecipants at the fair.
Thanks to all you that have visited our stand to discover the Unikolegno’s news. We have presented, in addition to the Stone Surface, the new EightColor collection, with 8 shades of colour. For those who love the neutral and natural colors, it is possible to range between a fabulous proposal of contemporary shades, from black to white, through gray and greige.

Also renewed the surfaces with the new STONE effect, clearly visible on the vertical panels of Thermo Oak and European Walnut, the first enhanced by a 30 gloss varnish, the second by the great knots and the oiled / waxed finish. STONE invokes the spontaneous warmth of antique floors, worned by usage, footsteps and history of those who lived them and walked over time. A “news in tradition” that has attracted the interest of our visitors.

Among other collections, the modular flooring TWENTY highlighted the simplicity of realizing new setting patterns very freely. Combining three lengths and a single width, you can create infinite compositions.


Unikolegno is the first italian parquet producer to install its own thermo treatement system in order to obtain completely natural wood colors. The process allows a total quality control at every stage of the production. Through this particular process, performed in the new thermo treatement kiln, it is possible to create warm dark shades, without any use of additives or dyes. The heat change the wood’s color in natural way. The risult is very interesting: it doesn’t change the bare surface. It involves the full thickness of the wood in its total depth. Thanks to the thermo treatement system, unikolegno.It is now able to improve its production flexibility in order to answer the request of its customers.

Discover the seduction of the grey color

Unikolegno’s range of colors enriches itself with three new attractive shades of grey.
The fans of neutral and natural colors can now range from and to a fabulous contemporary proposal of nuances: an elegant colour path through 11 variations, from white to black, passing through the striking grey and “greige”, fitted for the elegant “clothing” of each space.
The new color effect comes from a special water-based varnish, giving a softer and more natural look, slighty matt.
A mild transparency allows the grain to glimpse, exalting the authentic wood features.