Rovere Materico

thickness 16,5 mm (with  4,5 mm top layer)
mixed width 80 / 160 / 195 mm
random lenght 1600 / 1800 / 2000 mm (with 10% 1200/1500 mm)

Antique solid wood is pure emotion and textured wood is the main feature of this sensational new collection.
Sun, wind and rain have created oak boards with a unique aura, to create extraordinarily beautiful wood flooring.
Find out the collection in its variants.


An exclusive finish, fruit of Unikolegno research, preserves all the naturalness, authentic colours and characteristic feel of
oak to give the impression of a raw wood floor.

White oiled

Natural, organic oxidative oiling, enhanced by a veil of antique-effect whitening, exalts the original colour of oak and over time creates a pleasantly worn look on your floor.


A protective layer of beeswax and natural wax (solvent free) is added to the natural, organic oxidative oiled surface of the
wood, giving a delightful glossy effect to create a warm, cosy, natural floor.


Varnishing lends a warm hue to wood flooring and makes the surface easy to maintain. The varnish used is the best ecological, water-based type with extremely low emissions.