Wax emulsion for preservation of oiled wood, specific for UNIKOLEGNO floors.

Oil/Water emulsion made using natural waxes and resins, used to care for Unikolegno oiled interior wooden surfaces.
PERFORMANCE: revives and preserves the protective and visual characteristics of the wood’s original surface treatment, without causing peeling or wax accumulations. Water-based product. It is self-polishing and can be polished.



The product should be used undiluted. Spread a thin with UNIKOSOAP, uniform coat of UNIKOWAX over the clean wooden surface using a wood-polishing cloth. Do not use an excessive amount.One coat is enough. Do not walk on the wooden surface while the product is drying. The product is self-polishing, therefore there is no need to polish. For an even shinier finish, however, once the product dries (15 – 30 minutes), rub the treated surface with a wool cloth or using a wood polisher with felt pads. UNIKOWAX can be dry polished using a single brush with soft discs or a floor-polisher to remove signs of walking and to restore the shine.
When to use:
Every 1-2 months: on heavily trampled surfaces subject to a great deal of wear (shops, offices, kitchens, bars, etc.). Every 4-6 months: on surfaces subject to moderate wear (halls, entrances, bathrooms). Every 6-12 months: on surfaces subject to little wear (e.g. bedroom, store rooms). Surfaces maintained using UNIKOWAX must be washed with neutral detergents such as UNIKOSOAP.
COVERAGE: depending on the surface finish of the material. 1 litre / 30-40 m2
WARNINGS AND RISKS: The product does not present any specific hazards if used as instructed. The product should be tightly sealed and stored at a temperature of between 0°C and +30°C. The product can be stored in this way for up to 2 years.
Hazard statements: EUH210 – Safety data sheet available on request.
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