Take the first step to wellbeing.
Choose the certified quality of wood flooring for a welcoming house that’s healthy and safe for all the family. Unikolegno wood floors are the result of careful selection of materials, and processes performed to protect your health. Strict laboratory tests are proof of our commitment to creating better products that respect consumers. Because for us your health is the most important thing.

Nowadays we spend 90% of our time in closed rooms: at home, at work, in the office, and in pubs, shops and stores. The quality of the air in these places is of fundamental importance and has a direct impact on our health. Surprisingly, indoor pollution can be five times higher than it is outdoors. We find ourselves immersed in air full of potentially dangerous chemicals from common household products: furniture, building materials, decor items, floors and household detergents. All these things can make the air in the house more polluted than that outdoors.

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