To ensure the high quality typical of products made in Italy, our wood flooring is made in Unikolegno’s own facilities in the province of Treviso, taking advantage of the territory’s important manufacturing propensity, deeply rooted in the woodworking tradition of the Veneto region.

Creativity, production flexibility and customer service have always been the distinguishing features of Unikolegno. Since its foundation in 1995 the company has added value to Italian quality with its wood flooring production, woodworking skills and care for the environment and people’s wellbeing.
Today we feel the need to return to a simple basic interpretation of raw material using innovative geometric patterns and laying methods that distinguish our new wood flooring collections. The recent Tris collection and the brand-new Twenty module, enhanced by the contemporary Genesis unfinished effect and Reagenti finishes, interpret and anticipate desires often only partially expressed by planners and designers.