Wood flooring is created with advanced technologies and skiIled hands, safeguarding the nature of such a noble material and the special features of the different wood species.

Every stage of wood flooring manufacture is carefully controlled paying attention to each detail of the process. The tongue and groove is extremely precise so as to create perfectly flat surfaces and facilitate laying. The extreme versatility of wood flooring makes it possible to combine patterns and select types of wood, finishes and colours from a wide range that also facilitates customisation.

    The perfectly smooth surface is unfinished to allow for customisation after laying with a choice of varnishing, neutral oiling and some colour finishes.
    The delicate finish highlights the splendid natural grain and characteristic flamed effect.  Special brushes are used to remove the soft part of the wood’s surface and create a three dimensional effect.
  • SAWN
    The appearance of old, hand-sawn floorboards is re-created by a special process and is stunning to see and touch.  The surface of the wood features irregular grooves that reproduce the marks left by the teeth of saws used in the past.
    A combination of the neutral shades of natural wood and the evocative pattern of the saw marks create a wonderful effect: an enchanting play of light and shade on the surface.
    Ancient movements of masterful and precise hands model the wood’s surface and give the floorboards the unique flavour of tradition, genuinely authentic and elegantly timeworn.
    Delicate ripples around the knots in the wood make light marks on the surface, simulating natural aging, like a stone worn smooth by passing time and water.